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Events and Meetings

Join us for business, announcements, herbal treats, and a featured presentation.
Society general meetings are held at Olbrich Botanical Gardens
unless otherwise noted.
Click on links for additional information.

Business meeting and program 9-11:30 a.m.
*Unless otherwise noted.


2017 - 2018 Calendar

Printable MHS 2017-2018 Calendar of Events

Madison Herb Society Calendar of Events
Date Time Program
Monday, August 21,
5-7:30 p.m.

Summer Harvest Potluck

Please join us for a chance to socialize with MHS friends at a middle-of-the-summer Harvest Potluck at Olbrich Gardens on August 21, from 5 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Members are encouraged to bring a variety of foods using your garden harvest and herbal delights. Also, please bring a table setting for you and each of your guests. Beverages will be provided.

This is a chance to meet and greet new members and members with whom you have not visited all summer. Won’t that be fun?! This year's MHS Harvest Potluck is being chaired by Wendy Way and Joan Flynn. See your email for additional details.


Saturday, Sept. 16,
9-11:30 a.m

Cooking with Lavender

Kehaulani Jones will be presenting on Cooking with Lavender. She and her family own Rowley Creek Lavender Farm in Baraboo. Meeting flyer.

Renew your membership at this meeting!

Kehaulani Jones of Rowley Creek Lavender Farm


Oct. 21,
9 - 11:30 a.m.

A Packaging Party for the Herb Faire

Come join the fun of packaging MHS’s favorite
signature product for the November fair - Wisconsin Herb Blend. The work goes quickly with lots of help, and after the packaging, enjoy some herbal treats and conversation. Members are asked to bring herbal treats to share.



Nov. 4,

9 a.m. -
3 p.m.

Free event - Open to the public.

Theme: Herbs for the Holidays

There will be lots of vendors, the MHS booth and the Educational Room with hands-on ideas that focus on herbal gardening, decorating, cooking, products, and/or crafts.

Speakers include:

  • Bonnie Kulke - Herbal Holiday Decorations
  • Kathy Eich - Herbs for Your Digestive Health
  • Sheila Leary and Carrie Wilkey - From Cordials to Cocktails and Elixirs to Pop!

Click here for complete information.

Click here to download the Herb Faire poster.

Download the Madison Herb Faire Press Kit.



Dec. 4,
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

MHS Holiday Potluck for MHS Members and their Guests at Olbrich Gardens

Theme: 35th MHS Anniversary Celebration!

Special presentations by:

  • Teai Czajka from doTerra Essential Oils
  • Curtis Diller from Kilwans Chocolates
  • VomFass has two speakers: one on liqueurs and the other on oils/herbs or cheese/herbs

What to bring:

  • An herbal potluck dish to share, with serving utensil
  • Your own plate(s), cup(s), and dining utensils
  • A donation of full size personal care items for a women’s shelter
  • Optional: A friend/partner (but bring more food & utensils, etc.)
  • Holiday cheer!

Hosted by Suzanne Heideman

Setup at 5 p.m.

Holiday Potluck flyer - coming soon


Jan. 20,
9-11:30 a.m.

Growing and Preserving Chili Peppers

Join us at our first meeting of the New Year and learn about Growing and Preserving Chili Peppers! Joan and Ted Ballweg, of Savory Accents, will teach us how to grow chili peppers in Wisconsin, talk about cooking with fresh chili peppers, and introduce us to the various ways to preserve chili peppers – from seasonings to jams, sauces, oils and vinegars.


The meeting starts at 9 a.m. We will take a short break, and then our speakers will present. Please be on time so you don’t miss out on important MHS business information, including updates about the Garden Expo in February, or any of the exciting information our speakers will be sharing with us.

Fri. - Sun.,
Feb. 9-11,

Garden Expo at Alliant Energy Center

Visit the Madison Herb Society booth! Volunteer to help at the Madison Herb Society Booth and get free admission to the Garden Expo!


Feb. 17,
9-11:30 a.m.

A Garlic Primer: Its history, uses, and planting

Terry Aitken has been growing garlic for over 15 years and teaching classes for the last decade. He has planted up to 15 varieties in a season and regularly plants 300+ heads. Garlic is his favorite herb and his usual quote is "Its good, but it needs more garlic".

Terry Aitken - The Garlic Guy

Mar. 17,
9-11:30 a.m

Spring Tonics with Kathleen Wildwood - Herbalist and owner of WildWood Institute

Kathleen Wildwood - Wildwood Institute

Rejuvenate yourself this spring, the safe, effective, old-fashioned way: with traditional spring tonics! Using these herbs will help you to look and feel healthier, right in tune with nature's rhythms. Many delicious greens and bitter tonics are already growing in your yard, or can be easily grown. Kathleen will discuss local spring tonics, including wild herbs for delightful salads, and other preparations and uses. She will also elaborate on their surprising, far-reaching benefits, to your blood sugar, mood, metabolism and more. Samples will be provided to smell and taste.

Meeting Reminder Flyer

April 21,
9-11:30 a.m

MHS Annual Tea

Jane Schulenberg

MHS Annual Tea and Faculty Emerita Jane Schulenberg of the UW’s Women’s Studies will talk about Medieval Embroidery.

Bring your favorite teacup, tea dainties to share, and your own place setting. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to place your food on the buffet and find your seat for Tea and this fascinating presentation.

Meeting Reminder Flyer with Tea details.

Over the years Jane has presented scores of papers at various conferences and universities in the US, Canada, Britain, Italy, and Germany. These presentations have focused on medieval women saints, heroics of virginity, monasticism, policies of enclosure, gender and sacred space, pilgrimage and miracles, and medieval embroidery. Since 1972, Jane has taught a variety of medieval history and art history courses and has organized many different interdisciplinary medieval classes for adults. She has also organized and led 31 University of Wisconsin Continuing Education medieval seminars to France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, and Germany.

May 19,
9-11:30 a.m

Traveling to Eat: Uncommon Foods, Herbs, and Spices Around the World

By "Eat Smart" travel guides author Joan Peterson

Joan Peterson

Joan Peterson publishes the EAT SMART series of guidebooks for travelers and cookbook lovers who want to get to the heart of a country's culture through its cuisine. To date she has written or co-written 11 of the 14 available culinary guidebooks (Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Morocco, Sicily, India, Peru, Norway, and Portugal). Her richly detailed and well-researched EAT SMART guidebooks explain how to find the most delicious, authentic, and adventurous eating experiences. She has traveled extensively for many years, and leads culinary tours to many of the countries about which she has written.

Chris Manke

In conjunction with Joan's presentation, enjoy food samples from the Middle East to North Africa, prepared by MHS President, Chris Manke. Middle Eastern and North African cooks combine fresh seasonal ingredients, herbs, and warm spices into spectacular dishes with a distinctly floral flavor.

Meeting reminder flyer.

Saturday, June 23, 2018  

MHS Carpool Trip to Four Elements Herbal Farm

Jane and David Stevens

Tour MHS member Jane Hawley-Stevens Four Elements gardens in Baraboo. Following our tour, we'll have a potluck picnic and then we'll tour some area shops and maybe visit some nearby lavender farms. See the trip flyer for complete details.

July 2018  

Member Garden Tours

Details coming soon.

July 29, 2018

Carpool Trip to Savory Accents and More!

Four fabulous destinations!

Trip is being coordinated by Jane Gahlman. A check for $25 for the Tea is required to hold your spot for this trip.

Read the carpool trip flyer for complete details.

Monday, August 20,

5-5:30 p.m.

5:30-7 p.m.

7-7:30 p.m.

1950s Theme Summer Potluck

1950 retro kitchen image

This summer’s MHS potluck will have a unique theme – the ‘50s – herbal, of course. Monday, August 20, in Olbrich’s Commons Room at 5 p.m.

Some of you are too young to remember the l950s, but many of us do. Just ask your mothers or grandmothers what dishes were popular then. Here are some favorite 1950s foods: Jello salads, Swedish meatballs, deviled eggs, layer cakes, upside down cakes, quiche, potato salad, Cole slaw, stuffed tomatoes, baked beans, meatloaf, tuna casserole, 3 bean salads, macaroni salads, biscuits, strawberry shortcake, ham salad, pickled beets, rice pudding, egg foo young, cucumber canapés, stuffed celery, pies, stuffed mushrooms, chicken casseroles, and many more. You can look up more ideas on the Internet.

Bring a dish to pass—something fun and herbal. Invite a friend. Bring your own table service – plate, fork, knife, spoon, napkin.

Please e-mail or call Marge Snyder at 233-6219 or masnyder826@charter.net.

Read the Summer Potluck flyer for additional details.

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