A non-profit organization dedicated to education with regard to the culture and use of herbs
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Events and Meetings

Join us for business, announcements, herbal treats, and a featured presentation.
Society general meetings are held at Olbrich Botanical Gardens
unless otherwise noted.
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Business meeting and program 9-11:30 a.m.
*Unless otherwise noted.


2015 - 2016 Calendar

Printable MHS 2015-2016 Calendar of Events

Madison Herb Society Calendar of Events
Date Time Program
Sept. 12
9 - 11:30 a.m.

Creating Specialty Pestos, Preserves and Sauces using Fresh Herbs, Edible Flowers, and Wildcrafts

Learn about the many herbs and plants that can be used for creating pestos, preserves and sauces. Anna will be demonstrating her "pine needle pesto" and also allowing for tasting of others of her signature pestos and sauces. In addition, she will talk about Oak Ridge Farm's success bringing her foods to the Dane County Farmers Market. Presenter: Anna Hill, Oak Ridge Farm Owner/Operator, Oregon, WI.

Oak Ridge Farm has been a certified organic CSA produce farm for 6 years and is now also offering farmers markets goods at the Dane County Farmer’s Market. Oak Ridge Farm uses sustainable wildcraft plants and some garden varieties to create unique, interesting, and healthy medicinal quality products.

Ann Hill


Oct. 17
9 - 11:30 a.m.

A Packaging Party for the Herb Faire

Come join the fun of packaging MHS’s favorite
signature product for the November fair - Wisconsin Herb Blend. The work goes quickly with lots of help, and after the packaging, enjoy some herbal treats and conversation. Members are asked to bring herbal treats to share.

Please note: this month we are meeting in the Atrium, not upstairs.


Nov. 7

9 a.m. -
3 p.m.

Free event - Open to the public.

There will be lots of vendors, the MHS booth and the Educational Room with hands-on ideas that focus on herbal gardening, decorating, cooking, products, and/or crafts.

Speakers include:

  • Jane Hawley-Stevens - Four Elements Organic Herbals, Baraboo Bluffs, Wisconsin
  • Sharon Brockel - Herb Specialist at Klein's Floral and Greenhouse in Madison
  • Anna Hill - Oak Ridge Farm, Oregon, WI

Click here for more information.

Click here to download the Herb Faire poster.

Download the Madison Herb Faire Press Kit.

Many types of culinary herbs are available at the Madison Herb Society Herb Fair!

Dec. 7
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

MHS Holiday Potluck for MHS Members and their Guests

Theme: European Christmas

What to bring:

  • A potluck dish to share, with serving utensil (European-themed dish is encouraged, but not necessary)
  • Your own plate(s), cup(s), and dining utensils
  • A donation of personal care items for a women’s shelter
  • Optional: A friend/partner (but then bring more food & utensils, etc.)
  • Optional: 3 dozen cookies (all one kind) for a cookie exchange
  • Holiday cheer!

Please RSVP by Monday, November 30.

Holiday Potluck flyer


Jan. 16
9-11:30 a.m.

All About HopsBen Feifarek - Wine and Hops Shop Madison, WI

Learn about the history, varieties, and growing of hops as well as its use in craft brewing from Ben Feifarek, owner of Madison's Wine and Hop Shop.

Feb. 6
9-11:30 a.m.

The Benefits of Natural Ingredients
in Skin Care

Come and learn about skincare products created with natural products including herbs and how they can benefit all skin types from normal to dry, sensitive, maKerri Johanning - Brightsideture and acne prone skin. Presenter: Kerri Johanning, Founder/Owner of Brightside Skincare, Madison WI.


Mar. 19
9-11:30 a.m

Using Herbs Creatively in the
Vegetable Garden

Megan Cain, The Creative Vegetable Gardener, will share the simple step-by-step process of building an herb spiral, how to creativMegan Cainn - Creative Gardenerely incorporate herbs into your vegetable garden, and easy ways to preserve herbs for off season use.


April 16
9-11:30 a.m

Tea and Chocolate with Gail Ambrosius

Shine up your teacup for April 16 Tea and Chocolates with Gail Ambrosius! Tea will be provided by the Madison Herb Society at the April program, where Gail Ambrosius will speak about the growing and processing of chocolate and how it is turned into sweet treats. She will provide samples from her shop at 2086 Atwood Avenue.

Members are asked to bring their teacups, plates, sTea and Chocolateilverware and “tea dainties” to share. (Tea hats are optional, but encouraged.) Put this date on your calendar; plan to drink tea with your MHS friends and taste the best chocolate ever!

Consider making herbal chocolate or tea treats to share using either your own favorite recipes, or one from our many MHS cookbooks.


May 21
9-11:30 a.m

Exciting Program Change!

Creating Summer Herbal Refreshments

Get ready for summer! Instead of the previously planned plant exchange, Madison Herb Society’s annual meeting in May will feature an exciting panel. Three of our very own members will be featured in a panel focusing on creating refreshing summer drinks and appetizers.

Herbal Water Image

Marge Snyder is one of the founders of the MHS that started over 30 years ago. She is a food writer and cooking instructor as well as an avid herb gardener. For the May program she will present a few new and exciting Herbal Appetizers that will be just the thing to make during the summer months.

Carrie Wilkey, MHS Communications Director, has been a Madison Herb Society member for nearly 20 years, and has been making homemade cordials (liqueurs) for more than 30 years. Carrie learned to make cordials as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment group. She says this is a fun hobby and an easy way to make gifts for friends and family. One of Carrie’s favorite cordials is a blend of herbs, fruits, and alcohol for a mild savory/sweet-sipping beverage. Several cordials will be available for tasting!

Sheila Leary, MHS vice president, will present recipes for old- and new-fashioned herbal beverages for summer, including some samples. One of Sheila’s favorite summer drinks is lemonade mixed with an herbal iced tea of monarda leaves. Sheila has been an MHS member for about 25 years and began growing herbs and wild foraging when she was a teenager.

Saturday, June 11, 2016  

MHS Garden Tours

See newsletter for complete details

Saturday, July 9, 2016  

Bus Trip to Milwaukee

See newsletter for complete details

Monday, August 22,
5:30-8 p.m.

Summer Harvest Potluck

Please join us at the Madison Herb Society's annual Harvest Potluck on Monday August 22, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Olbrich Gardens. Our hosts for the Harvest Potluck dinner are Linda Marx and Jane Gahlman!

Join us for an evening of savoring the harvest from your garden, playing Garden Bingo, and discussing the gardening season. Please bring an herbal food dish to share – appetizers, salads, main dishes, or desserts – that utilizes the abundance of herbs and other garden veggies available this time of the year! Please consider making a recipe from one of our many MHS cookbooks, or one of your own favorite recipes. And, please bring a copy of your recipe to share with the newsletter.

Please remember to bring your own plates, silverware, etc. as we will continue to go green! Tea and punch will be provided.See your email for complete details.

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